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Deep-Pit Meats

Glick’s Old Fashion Meat Market is the only place in town to get Deep-Pit Meats—flavorful, fall-off-the bone roasts that we cook underground for 12-16 hours.  We roll and tie the meat into a roast,  season it with our Glick's Seasoning, wrap it in heavy duty foil and burlap, build a fire in the pits and let it cook all night. The result is the most flavorful, tender meat you’ll ever taste!  Others might say they have deep pit meats, but there is nothing like one that is really cooked underground over a wood fire.


Choose from our Deep Pit Beef, Pork, Turkey, or Ham. Our Deep-Pit Meats are great for parties, holidays, reunions, ribbon cutting ceremonies, family gatherings—and any time you want a delicious no-fuss treat.


Be sure and call us at least 2 days ahead to place your order.


  • 10 pound minimum order
  • Shrinks to 6 to 7 lbs.
  • Feeds 12 to 14 adults for $79.90
  • Increase order in 5 lb. increments
  • $7.99 a lb.



*We normally figure 3/4 of a lb per adult serving, because this meat will shrink a 1/3 when it cooks.  So you will end up with 1/2 lb per person on an adult size serving.



      The Turkey is boneless Turkey that is cooked underground for 16-18 hours.  It is the light and the dark meat 60/40 and just falls apart when it is done cooking.  It will not look like your traditional Turkey but it will taste wonderful, if not better.


      The minimmum order for ANY of the Deep pit meats is 10lbs. and goes up in 5lb. increments after.  It will shrink about 1/3 when it cooks.  All are $7.99lb. and all of the other meats will shred or fall apart as well.   They come out of the pit wrapped in parchment paper and double wrapped in a heavy duty foil.  For an additional charge of $6.00 per pan(up to 25lbs. fit in each pan) we can shred it for you and get it ready to server, otherwise it will just come to you in the bundle it was cooked in.   


If you haven't tried the Deep Pit Ham it is a must.  It has a smokey ham flavor and shredds or falls apart like the other pit.  It has a flavor all it's own. One of my favorites!!  Mmmmmmm......

Is also ordered in a 10lb package and is $7.99lb.


Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pulled Pork Sandwich
If you'd like to try a little bit of heaven our pulled pork sandwiches are the best.  We use our Deep Pit Pork.  It is also just as good by itself or if your making tamales or tacos. Yum.